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About the Annie RH Network.

Réseau Annie RH is a team of 12 HR and OD trainers and professionals. Our customers appreciate our hands-on approach and excellent customer service. We are passionate about human and organizational development, and recognized specialists in the world of work.

Réseau Annie RH is also OUR network, a gathering of HR professionals who interact through our private HR Facebook Group, information sharing and surveys, and virtual meetings. Informal, agile and free, the Network is driven by the vision: together, we're stronger. The strength of the Network is each and every one of our contributions. It's the power of a connected HR community, the importance of giving back. The Annie RH Network is based on our confidence in our collective ability to co-learn, innovate and surpass our own challenges and those of our organizations.

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Annie Boilard presents Le Réseau d'Annie RH
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About Annie Boilard.

Annie has been overseeing the deployment of the Network and as a DO specialist for almost 20 years. In addition to being a trainer and facilitator, she is also an experienced business and team manager.

On a day-to-day basis, Annie works with executive teams on strategic planning and personalized coaching. She also works as a facilitator and coach with leaders and professionals to develop their behavioral skills.

Annie is a frequent speaker, panelist, expert, author, radio commentator and blogger.

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Annie was named HR Professional of the Year 2017 by HR Reporteur (Canadian award won in Toronto) and Best Talent 2016 at the competition of the same name in Montreal. Annie was named a Fellow of the Ordre des CRHA in 2023.

Annie Boilard
Areas of expertise

Coaching for management teams (strategic planning, retreats, team building, shoulder lakes)

Leadership development (training) for management teams

Leadership training, consultancy and training of trainers

HR, OD and training strategy consulting

World and life at work

Our partners, freelancers and volunteers.

Réseau Annie RH is a free and effective solution for resolving your day-to-day questions, discussing HR issues, keeping abreast of trends and managing your career.

We also offer HR, DO services and customized in-company training.

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